​Owners of businesses that are licensed to sell alcoholic beverages for either on premise consumption, or package goods sales, shoulder a tremendous responsibility.  Liability from alleged negligent action on the part of the business can vary from state to state.  The non-variables are that you can never be overly prepared as a subject of one of these litigations, and it is quite likely to be a costly event.

It is essential that the business owner and the legal staff of the establishment’s insurance carrier retain the most knowledgeable personnel for legal defense.  The insurance carrier’s legal team will need an expert in the field of alcoholic beverage sales and service to review all of the records in the case, which include but are not limited to, depositions, written statements, surveillance video, training records, police reports, hospital and medical examiner reports, policy manuals, and more.  Based on this review, the expert will be able to render an opinion regarding the actions of the licensee, and this opinion can be critical to the outcome of the litigation.  The expert may also be called upon to give expert testimony, either through deposition, or a courtroom appearance.  This expert testimony may also be a critical element influencing the outcome of the litigation. 

Managing member Don Simonini has the credentials and experience needed to take on these tasks.  Don’s investigative career coupled with his experience in the alcohol industry gives him a perspective rarely found in the field of expert testimony/consulting in Dram cases. 

References from attorneys that have utilized Don’s skills are available upon request.  ​

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